Providing scaffolds for commercial and business establishments is another area where Nexus Access excels in. Rendering excellent services and maintaining a long list of satisfied clients have led Nexus Access to become a byname in this industry.

Our clients

Big or small projects, we have successfully delivered scaffolding solutions to these establishments:

  • Churches and cathedrals
  • Schools, universities and other learning institutions
  • Factories and warehouses
  • Public buildings and offices
  • Multi-storied or high rise buildings, towers and skyscrapers

Our edge

These are the reasons why the services of Nexus Access is preferred by many:

  • We conduct consultation

A meeting with our clients help us determine the type of scaffold required for their project. We cover the various construction and architectural aspects of the needed scaffolding such as the painter scaffolding which is designed for lightweight materials only and the masonry scaffold designed to carry, mount and transport heavy loads across the different levels of the building. We also ask the client’s timeframe for their projects.

  • Installation of scaffolds are done promptly

Our expertise in this business enables as to immediately begin the installation and erect the scaffolding at such a remarkable length of time. This results to great savings both in terms of money and time.

  • We work within our client’s budget  

Our extensive resources allow our team to deliver the scaffolding solutions you need within the budget you have given us. We also recommend solutions that can significantly cut your expenses.

  • We guarantee quality and safety

We value the quality of work we provide and the safety of human lives and properties. We make sure that the high points of a building are properly and safely reached through the scaffolds we provide.

Our services

Our services include the following:

  • Survey and inventory
  • Planning and design
  • Erection and dismantling
  • Temporary roof
  • System scaffolds, staircases and towers
  • Safety programs and trainings
  • Hoists, cradles and chutes
  • Edge protection
  • Alarm systems
  • Emergency call out service