Swing Stage Scaffolding

Swing stage scaffolding is the most common type of suspended scaffold. It is hung by a rope or cable and has two adjustable points. It is either raised or lowered, depending on the building level that the workers need to reach.

Important Safety Elements

Once you avail this service from Nexus Access, you are guaranteed of the presence of these important safety elements:

Secure anchorage

Nexus Access sees to it that the components of the scaffold and the structure to which the swing stage scaffold is attached strongly supports the weight of the scaffold and the people occupying it.


We see to it that the suspended scaffolds are assembled properly and in accordance to current standards. We continuously advocate caution and good work practices for the workers’ safety. We seriously address instances on overloading, damaged structural components and extreme weather as they are major hindrances from achieving stability.

Proper use of platform

The platform serves as suspended scaffold’s work area. We do regular check on it to make sure that it is always at its best form and is used properly by the staff.

Protection from fall

Fall is one of the greatest risks that workers face when boarding a swing stage scaffolding. To protect them from this possibility, we at Nexus Access provide both a personal fall arrest system and a guardrail system.
We strictly require workers to be provided with safety gears and materials like hard hats, body harnesses, vertical lifelines , lanyards, tension wire ropes. We see to it also that connectors like rings and snaphooks used for the system are corrosion – resistant and damage – free.

Protection from electrical hazards

Suspended scaffolding’s are most often made out of metal. Sometimes, they are also hanging near power lines making the workers prone to electrocution. To prevent this, we make sure that maintenance and proper clearance are well undertaken.