Cantilevered Scaffolding

Another service offered by Nexus Access is Cantilevered scaffolding which is tied or attached to a structure at a single end only. Cantilevered load-bearing members support this scaffold . From afar, the use of this kind of scaffolding sure looks risky, but Nexus Access always make sure that this independent scaffold using a beam type of arrangement is designed by a chartered engineer for its user’s safety.

Features of a good cantilevered scaffolding

Nexus Access also sees to it that the cantilevered scaffolding it provides is stable. You can be assured as well that it can withstand any kind of weather and has the following features:

  • barriers to or edge protection in place
  • planks that are uniform in size and are in good condition
  • safe way for the entry or exit of its user and for loading materials
  • work platform that measures at least 450 mm wide and is positioned horizontally

Risk Control Measures

Nexus Access takes everyone’s safety seriously and strictly implements these risk control measures :

  • Beams are designed and positioned according to the scaffolding plan and the engineer’s requirements.
  • A certification from a competent person citing that the supporting structure can sustain the cantilevered structure.
  • Preferred methods are followed when fixing the inboard length of the beam to the structure.

Uses of the cantilevered scaffolding

This particular kind of scaffolding is usually attached to top areas of a building. It can also be used at home, in hard-to-reach areas and in tight corners. With what seems to be improbable to reach, Nexus Access offers the best solution through this particular kind of scaffolding.