Engineered Scaffolding Solutions

Apart from the conventional types of scaffoldings, Nexus Access specializes as well in engineered scaffolding solutions which are specifically designed to meet the requirements of certain projects. Nexus Access makes sure that the scaffolding built for a particular undertaking still bear the qualities for which the firm has been known for – safety and stability.

Special Scaffolding Services

Bridge Platforms

Using different methods by which the platform will be connected to a bridge for its repair, repainting or any maintenance, Nexus Access gives the desired platform height for the needed working clearance. It also provides a stable working surface through steel decking that is specially designed to suit the scope and weight requirement of the project.

Pedestrian Footbridge

Nexus Access also provides pedestrian footbridge with canopy, anti-slip coverings and continuous handrails. Our firm makes it a point that pedestrians are given access at stations and other destination points while construction, repair or maintenance is being done on railways or roads.

Protected Walkways

Nexus Access can build protected walkways which serve as a safe passage for workers and the general public between completed buildings and structures that are still being developed or constructed. White vinyl walling and roof canopy that is made of steel decks, which are really sturdy, protects people from debris.

Hanging Garden

Your trusted scaffolding provider, Nexus Access, can design and install a hanging garden or greenhouse composed of a multi-level of aluminium sheets. This vertical farm or garden promotes the propagation of sustainable sources of food most especially in dense places and those where agricultural land area is limited.

Marine Scaffolding

While Nexus Access have commonly rendered its services to commercial, industrial and domestic sectors, it is likewise capable of coming up with scaffolds suited for marine use. It offers solutions to an array of water vessels, from yachts to freight liners.