Suspended Scaffolding

Suspended scaffolding is a particular type which Nexus Access can provide with guaranteed quality and safety. It is a scaffolding suspended from the roof or from a tall construct.

Uses of Suspended Scaffolding

Suspended scaffolding is the best choice when the earth or grounds where the supposed base should be installed is unstable. It is used when erecting a base or building a scaffolding from the floor to the work site’s level is difficult, improbable or impractical.

You usually see this being used by window cleaners, when putting on decorations or when repair is being done on the exterior of a tall building. It can also be used on houses, bridges, water towers, dams, culverts. It can accommodate one or two workers at a given time.

Advantages of Using a Suspended Scaffolding

Nexus access makes it a point that the suspended scaffolding you will avail comes with these benefits :


Suspended scaffolding is lighter, easy to install and transport. In the long run, you will you can save on time, materials and labour.


With its capacity to load supplies and tools, it is ideal in reaching high rise buildings of up to 30 stories in height.

Flexible design

It can be engineered and customised to suit a particular project.

Maximises Productivity

Reaching even the highest point of a building made easy through the use of suspended scaffolding will result to greater work accomplishment.