When one needs to do something at home and it is at a great height, it is still best to hire the services of a reliable company to provide scaffolding services . And Nexus Access is one reputable firm to do that for you.

Nexus Access coordinates directly with homeowners, housing associations and management companies to enable the successful completion of painting, cleaning, roof and ceiling repair or replacement, guttering, chimney stacks, re-decoration, loft conversion, electric fittings and even construction , extension and other development projects for residences.

Qualities of our scaffold

With Nexus Access, you can be sure that the work for your home will be done in time and in the right manner as its scaffolds are:

  • light weighted but made of strong materials
  • portable and can easily be manipulated
  • well supported and secured
  • erected with the correct spacing

With such safety features, your fear of having any accident is eliminated. Rest assured that nobody will get hurt both from falling workers and objects. There will be no spills also that can damage your facilities and belongings.

Services we provide

Our services include the following  :

  • design, erection, dismantling and pick up of the scaffolds
  •  strict compliance to health and safety regulations
  •  safety barriers,  hoists and temporary roofing

Our friendly staff  and professional team are always ready to assist you in finding the scaffolding solution suited for your particular need. Give us a call or send as an email anytime and we will glad to serve you.